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Dec 2, 2019

Carolina Cartier talks to Pam about her incredible personal success in curing her PCOS and losing 200 lbs entirely through adopting an LCHF lifestyle. She had endocrine issues by the age of 28 she had never ovulated and was morbidly obese. It was at this point that a naturopathic doctor tested her insulin level and found that it was through the roof.  She suggested Carolina start cutting carbs and adopting the ketogenic diet.  She totally ran with this and lost 200 lbs and all of a sudden started ovulating.

She is at pains to point out that at the time she started ovulating she was still morbidly obese.  The weight came off later but it is important to note that it was not her weight that was causing the PCOS and losing the weight was an awesome added bonus. Now she has 2-year old twins and she is starting to formulate a study to show scientifically that a dietary intervention is very effective in preventing and addressing PCOS and fertility issues.

If you would like to participate in the surveys to help with her research then you find them at @ketobabies on Instagram and Facebook (